Asian Outreach
Last year saw the launch of our village Parent Workshops. Part One focused on educating parents on the importance of sending their children to school and the value of education. In April Part Two launched - this time with a focus on cooking nutritious meals for the children and family. Cooking demonstrations used local in-season vegetables such as bok choy and water spinach which were cooked without chemicals or MSG on smokeless stoves, a recent AOC initiative. These cookstoves were well received in the demonstration, from their health benefits to the warranty and the ability to charge your device. You can read more about our cookstove initiative here. An exciting new relationship with the local Women’s Department of Stung Treng blossomed as a result of this workshop, we are so grateful for this partnership and hope to continue to work with them. The Village Chief, Police and local government also attended.Click through for more images from our two workshops, here and here on Facebook.

cooking watching